Keikol Pain Balm

Headaches and back pain tend to disrupt simple activities during the day making the person groggy and irritable. Such strong headaches & back pain call for an even stronger balm that puts it to rest the moment it is applied. Keiko Pain Balm is made to eliminate such severe headaches and back pains with its infusion of wintergreen oil and menthol is the perfect solution to your splitting pain. The balm accompanied with a massage gives you incredible relief within minutes. So no matter how demanding our job is you can always rely on Keiko Pain Balm that removes your headache or back pain.

Available in:
  • 1ml
  • 4ml
  • 8ml
  • 30ml
  • 55ml

Gentle massage of Strong Pain Balm on the forehead for headache or on the back for back pain will provide instant relief. The gentle massage helps in stimulating blood circulation in the affected area. Coolants in the balm have a soothing effect.

Pudina ka phool, Gandhapura tel, Ointment base
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